Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC System

Infinitely more confident.

The new 1260 Infinity LC sets higher standards in performance and value to give you more confidence in your results. The 600 bar power range combines with 80 Hz UV detector speeds and up to 10 times higher sensitivity. That‘s true UHPLC performance! At the same time you can run your existing HPLC methods completely unchanged. In short, the best solution for any HPLC or UHPLC application.

And within the price range of a typical HPLC!

  • Raising the HPLC standard 

The 1260 Infinity LC raises the bar in HPLC! With a 600 bar power range up to 5 mL/min for isocratic, quaternary and binary systems  and 200 bar up to 10 mL/min for isocratic and quaternary systems – plus 80 Hz detector speeds and 10 x higher sensitivity, you will reach new levels of versatility,higher resolution and faster separations.

  • 100% HPLC compatibility

On one system you can run your established and validated HPLC methods – unchanged – as well as push UHPLC to new levels of performance.

  • HPLC price – UHPLC performance

The 1260 Infinity LC is priced similar to earlier 1200 Series HPLC Systems and significantly lower than 1200 Series RRLC systems – so you get much more value for your investment.

  • Infinitely more choice

The modular design concept of the 1260 Infinity LC and the wide range of solvent delivery, injection and detection options, allow you to configure a system that matches exactly your needs for chromatographic performance and flexibility.

Whatever your application needs you can be confident of achieving higher quality data and faster results. Mix and match modules to configure your system for:

  •  Analytical LC with binary, quaternary or isocratic elution
  •  Low-flow LC with capillary or nano-scale flow rates
  •  Purification at micro, analytical or prep scale
  • Workflow and application-based LC and LC/MS solutions

for automated method development, multi-methods, walk-up, high capacity or high throughput.

Higher sensitivity means higher productivity 

Boost your lab – tenfold!

Using the same innovative technology that makes the 1290 Infinity LC the most powerful system available, the 1260 Infinity Diode Array Detector now brings up to 10 times higher sensitivity with 80 Hz detection speed to HPLC. Combined with the detector's superior baseline performance means you can cope with the narrowest peaks and lowest detection limits for more confidence in your results and higher productivity in your lab.